Rockstar.  Actor.  Entrepreneur.  I’m Lachlan Marcus, and I just walked out on my empire. I bought a ball cap and a pair of cheap sunglasses and took the first bus leaving the station.

I landed in a small town looking straight into the eyes of an angel with auburn curls and curves that bring to life my inner barbarian, determined to make her mine.  She’s naïve, yet wise, and sees directly into my soul like no one ever before.

Within twenty-four hours, I’ve got her inside the wedding chapel and my last name attached to her. Only she has no idea who I really am.  I represent everything in this world she’s been taught to distrust.

The life I left has come calling, and I’m losing her before our life together can even begin.

Author’s Note:  This famous hero hasn’t touched a woman in longer than he can remember, and she’s never been kissed.  They don’t waste any time heating up the pages and making up for what they’ve been missing.  This super-fast steamy read is safe, no cheating and has the best kind of happy ending.




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